About Momentum

Photo by JANUPRASAD on Unsplash

The Momentum Working Group of ISCHP was established in 2022 to plan, develop, and initiate events beyond the Society’s biennial conferences. These events are organised to keep the Society’s momentum going between conferences and sustain long-term engagement of the ISCHP community.

To achieve these goals, the working group has three main aims:

  • Develop events to sustain ISCHP members’ engagement with the Society
  • Establish the procedures for future ISCHP events and related satellite events
  • The creation of a repository to store these events and procedures as resources for ISCHP.

Through these aims, the working group hopes to build up the Society’s capacity to sustain these non-conference events, support and engage with ISCHP members, as well as support the development and expansion of ISCHP globally. These goals and aims would also inform ISCHP’s future work, such as organising hybrid Momentum events to allow in-person connections with online accessibility and utilising the repository contents to develop potential books and other resources under ISCHP. 

Current members of the ISCHP Momentum Working Group:

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