ISCHP Podcast

The Operative Word: ISCHP’s official podcast

Volume 1 is produced with the aim of sharing some of the content presented at the 2017 ISCHP biennial conference. At its core, this podcast is about providing a platform for our community members to share their reflections and insights into subjects close to our hearts as critical researchers.

From the 1st July 2018, we will be releasing a new issue of Volume 1 of The Operative Word every two months. In each issue, we interview a different academic about the 5 Minute Challenge that they gave at the ISCHP conference in July 2017 in Loughborough, UK.

We’ve also written this blog post about our inspiration and motivation for creating this podcast.

The Operative Word editorial team

Dr Ally Gibson (twitter: @allyfgibson), Research Fellow and Manager of the Qualitative Research Network Hub at the University of New South Wales Sydney.

Dr Britta Wigginton (@brit_wig), Lecturer in Health Promotion, from The University of Queensland.

Dr Brett Scholz (@brett_scholz), Research Fellow from the Medical School at The Australian National University


You can listen to The Operative Word above, or you can go to the website to listen and subscribe.