Taking stock: Gearing up for ISCHP 2017

~Glen Jankowski, site co-editor

Being critical in a neoliberal discipline can often feel exhausting. We’re fighting an uphill battle and it can seem like little progress has been made, especially when we look at how long we’ve been fighting it.

Go back to 1987 for instance when the gods of discourse analysis, Jonathon Potter and Margaret Wetherell (1987, p. 174) tried to address the need to get out of the ivory tower in psychology in their book on discourse analysis:

We feel that researchers should pay considerably more attention to the practical use of their work over and above the amassing of research findings and the furtherance of careers…the image of a benign body of practitioners waiting to read the journals of pure scientists and put research findings into practice is heartwarming but unrealistic”.


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Welcome To The ISCHP Blog!

At this year’s Biennial General ISCHP meeting it was decided that the traditional newsletter would be turned into an online ISCHP blog –  a dedicated space for discussion, resources and research regarding critical health psychology.

As previous editors of the newsletters, Jess Drakett and I were happy to continue as editors now responsible for the look, feel, and overall content of the blog.

We’re also very pleased to have 8 Commissioning Editors. They are responsible for contributing 1-2 blog posts every 2 months. The Commissioning Editors have a broad range of expertise including on eating disorders, fat stigma, fitness cultures and social media, youth substance abuse, incarceration, health and its intersections with sexism and racism, critical health psychology in Africa and, of course, the internet.

We really hope you enjoy and can contribute.
Glen and Jess