Guidelines for blog posts

In order to assist potential ISCHP bloggers with their submissions the following guidance is provided.

  1. Blog submissions are subject to peer review and will only be posted if they are focused on critical health research and aligned with ISCHP’s social justice principles.
  2. The Blog/Website Co-Editors and Blog Commissioning Editors are keen to receive preliminary proposals for blog submissions so that feedback and guidance can be provided in the development stage. Preliminary blog posts may or may not be accepted for submission, subject to peer review (as per point 1).
  3. The ideal blog post is around 500 words (up to 800 words) and is accompanied by one or two images that are open-access and without any copyright material included.
  4. Peer reviewed and accepted blog posts will be allocated a monthly slot on which they will be published. In exceptional cases blog posts may be published earlier than the next allocated slot. Please discuss this with the ISCHP Website/Blog Editors when relevant.
  5. If there is any disagreement during the peer review process the Editors will seek further opinion from the ISCHP Executive Committee.

Blog and Website Co-Editors