Membership of ISCHP is open to anyone from any discipline with an interest in critical health psychology activities and ideas. Currently we have no membership fee (we gain a modicum of financial support through a small levy on conference fees). We maintain contact with members through this moderated mailing list, which provides a means to keep members informed about ISCHP events and initiatives, and a forum for members to communicate with one another about matters of interest.


To subscribe to this list, please send a message to with the words SUBSCRIBE ISCHP in either the subject line or body of your email.


To unsubscribe from this list, please send a message to with the words UNSUBSCRIBE ISCHP followed by your email address in either the subject line or the body of your email.

Contact Us

If you have any general enquiries about ISCHP, please contact the Chair of the Society, Sarah Riley or other members of the Executive Committee.

If you are interested in contributing to the ISCHP Blog, please speak with one of our Blog Editors, Jessica Tappin or Franciska Neuhauser, or contact our Communication Coordinator Kerry Chamberlain.

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